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About Brian Hebert’s art

My process as an artist starts in the mind, my thought process is my sketch pad, so to speak, and it is inspired by rhyme in real hip hop music, jazz, blues, funk, soul, reggae and rock n roll, etc. My work is motivated by innovative or conscious thought with the idea that with having a gift to do anything, means you have to do something, with that gift! I speak to unjust situations and take the opportunity to use my work to educate people about historical events as well.
My work is spiritual and metaphysical expressing ancient African knowledge, science and wisdom. Reading is also a part of my process to stimulate thought. I allow the work to dictate which media it will be produced in, although my mind is infatuated with painting, so my compositions are always 2 dimensional and with color. My pieces are narratives expressing language and conversation that comes from hip hop culture.
Born in 1974, I grew up in hip hop directly. The classic song by Melly Mel, “The Message” was a nursery rhyme in my world. I am hip hop, whether cutting the grass or having a conversation, I cannot help but to express myself as a b-boy or true hip hop head. So why wouldn’t my paintings reflect this reality, art is psychology! I use symbolism in my conceptual and representational work with the intent to share with the world the images in my mind to help uplift someone else’s mind.

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