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“Louder Than A Bomb 1963”

“Louder Than A Bomb 1963”.


“The Definition of Dope”

"The Definition of Dope"“The Definition of Dope” is a narrative for what dope means, whether it be dope that someone uses or a description of something fantastic, I describe the meaning of dope as somewhere between paradise and the outer limits. As above so below, I used 7 planets in my galactic environment, 7 being the god sign as well as the number of completion.


“Always Above The Clouds”

The Light Gallery

The Light Gallery.

Let Your God Self Be Seen!

Let Your God Self Be Seen!.

Let Your God Self Be Seen!

Tuning in to your proper frequency and discovering who you really are takes time and patience.  As an artist, development is a major part of the process.  My father would always spit game, one of the realest things he would say was, “Be a student of the game!”  In other words, be a student of your craft!  As you continue on your mission, you realize how true that statement is.  The lessons add up, which forces you to study, next thing you know, you are a master of your craft.  Although we are all students for life, learning is forever, because the mind is infinite.

For artists, the connection to God is obvious, “God created.”  We are products of God’s creation, which means the gift is not to be taken for granted.  What is your purpose as an artist?  What are you talking about and who are you talking to?  Art is psychology.  Looking at an artist’s body of work reveals who the artist is and what the artist represents.  Being true to yourself is imperative for an artist.  Composing work based on your own experiences and allowing people to see and share your thoughts.  Always inviting dialogue and critique for growth, especially among colleagues and elder master teachers.  Not allowing an unbalanced system to dictate the composition of your work.  Forever carrying torches down dark tunnels, being the light!  Let your God self be seen.  Stay true to the game.  Paul Gaugin said, “art is either plagiarism  or revolution.”  Plagiarism for artist who can and revolution for artists that do!



About Brian Hebert’s art

About Brian Hebert’s art.

Artists are responsible for bringing innovation to a society by helping the world to see beyond the mundane by sharing images, stories and ideas that will catapult society into new thought.

Hello world!

My name is Brian Hebert, I am a visual artists and curator.  I started this blog to share my thoughts with the world about my work.  I am clear on what I want to say as an artists so therefore I compose pieces that are original in thought and design.  Thirdeyevisiondesignz is the name I chose to describe my compositions.